In 2011, MMG launched the Music Teacher Web Kit program. The entire focus was based around personal empowerment and digital communication. Teachers now have a website environment that houses all of the pages and tools they need to present themselves as a professional entity on the web. The business model of this campaign is recurrent revenue derived from a customer base of over 100,000 piano teachers alone.

Amazing Teacher Sites - with Various Site Configurations

The MTWK company offers website solutions that suit the needs of teachers through four different packages, from Easy Sites that just cost a one time yearly fee, to Essential Sites that offer all the common tools a teacher expects, to full media-based sites that house videos, pictures, audio files, and more.

Teacher Based Mobile Sites with Dynamic QR Codes

Mobile communication is now the number one focus for digital communication, primarily due to the fact that more people are accessing online content on their mobile devices than their home computers. The MTWK offers custom-tailored mobile sites for traditional piano teachers so that they can utilize the mobile platform to promote their teaching services. In addition, dynamic QR codes are used to instantly make the connection.


In 2012, the MTWK expanded its services to help the Simply Music company build their own network of teacher-based websites. Simply Music is a music education company that currently has over 800 teachers worldwide teaching their method. These teachers can subscribe to the Simply Music Teacher Web Kit Program and enjoy the same benefits found on MTWK sites with the addition of Simply Music branding and content.


The newest initiative in MTWK is the development of our music school-based websites, which offer an expanded feature set that serves the needs of a music school with multiple teachers, and hundreds of students. The first phase of this project is a partnered program with Yamaha Music Education. There are over 75 independent Yamaha Music Schools in America, and hundreds worldwide. The Yamaha Music School Web Kit will enable Yamaha, their schools, and their students seamless communication through a powerful, media-based network.