The Music Dealer Web Kit Company specializes in helping music retailers in multiple fields of digital communications. Today, the program offers over 20 different types of services that center around online and mobile platforms.

From dynamic product brochures to media-based web apps, from high-end custom websites to dealer branded mobile campaigns, MDWK is truly the ultimate program for helping a dealer gain control in today's digital world.

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A Short Description of 8 of the most popular Music Dealer Web Kit Services

The Yamaha Product Brochure Library

In 2009, the MDWK started its program by designing a library of website-based product marketing tools that help Yamaha dealers showcase the value of owning a Yamaha product to their prospects. The modules are seamlessly embedded into the dealers sites turning a static site into a dynamic "product tour" experience.

Today, the library has grown to over 350 professionally produced product videos and is used on both Yamaha's website and many of Yamaha's valued dealers sites as well.

The key to the success of this program is it's ability to offer professionally produced feature/benefit videos housed in exciting user experiences and then serve them online as a simple website plugin solution. All of this is possible without the cost and hassles of a web programmer.

Custom Website Building Services

Unlike a traditional web-building company, our vision is based on offering music dealers a powerful web campaign, not just a standard website. We achieve this by combining the knowledge of music industry experts with the skills of world-class art directors, editors, web programmers, and multi-media developers. We have already built websites for some of the top music dealers in the country, like Jacob's Music, Music Exchange, and Boston Organ and Piano.

Used Piano Gallery

One of MDWK's most popular - and most powerful - tools for dealers. Dealers can display their used inventory right on their website in an elegant, interactive gallery with pictures, video, and text. And it's so easy to use, salespeople and managers can update it without the need for a web-programmer. We wrote this web application as a plug-in service, saving dealers thousands of dollars in ongoing web-programming costs.

Virtual Product Gallery

One of the biggest needs a dealer has is to present various product lines equally. On a dealer's website, this is a challenge because the dealer is limited to whatever assets the manufacturer offers. MDWK's Virtual Product Gallery solves this problem by embedding a high-end gallery containing specs and images for multiple product lines, giving each one an elegant and respectful presentation. The assets are housed on MDWK servers, and updated for the dealer automatically.

Dealer Branded Mobile Sites (Product - Company - Programs)

According to the International Telecommunications Union, there are 6 billion mobile phone subscriptions in use. That's why MDWK offers multi-page mobile sites that showcase a dealer's store, products, and services at very affordable prices. From dealer-branded product mobile pages to entire company-based mobile campaigns, MDWK designers, editors, programmers and communications experts are able to satisfy a dealer's mobile marketing needs.

Link-To-Learn Music Centers

The Link-to-Learn Music Center is an online customer support service built into a music dealer's existing website. It's a place where customers can go after the sale to learn how to operate their instruments, play music, download songs, and more. The L2L Music Center becomes the dealer's "support center" and keeps customers happy and satisfied. And it allows the dealer to continue the relationship with the customer after the purchase, plus creates additional revenue. The MMG business goal is to strategically place over 150 L2L Music Centers in the marketplace in the next 12 months.

CineVid Media Player & Photo Gallery

These custom-built media interfaces allow dealers to present videos and photos exclusively on their site, avoiding the need to send visitors off-site to YouTube or other media sites. Plus, MDWK offers automatic feeds of content to the dealer's video player, assuring continuously updated content. And like all of MDWK's services, the video and photo galleries do not need a web programmer to be be managed. This means uploading, organizing, labeling, and sharing content is a hassle-free experience.

E-Commerce Solutions

Building an e-store campaign can be timely, costly and a management nightmare. We offer complete e-store solutions, from simple sites to complex multi-layered shopping environments. This gives the dealer a chance to generate additional revenue from online sales 24/7.