Today, virtual online education is at the forefront of learning. Link-To-Learn Music is an online, consumer-focused company born out of a vision to see the first-time musician learn about music as well as operate their instrument. Link-to-Learn Music not only offers quality content, but they also deliver it in a unique cloud-based dashboard. There are currently over 4,000 members on "L2L," coming to us from over 23 countries.

L2L Products & Learning Guides

L2L Product Guides are online video tutorials that take customers step-by-step through the features and functions of their instrument, and are hosted by professional keyboard specialists. These broadcast-quality productions feature easy-to-understand, close-up procedures, and many musical demonstrations. L2L currently has a large library of product guides on the most popular keyboards in the industry, with plans to expand to guitars, band instruments, and other musical products in the future. L2L is also working on a series of Learning Guides that offer basic music education to L2L members via videos and downloadable media and print.

L2L Dashboard System

The dashboard is simply a cloud-based environment where everything is housed in one easy access location. This infrastructure system enables a publisher the means of syndicating all of their products to one central location that is accessed by a protected log-in system. This graphically-enhanced page shows members all of their purchased products, as well as the "freebies" offered at the time of membership sign-up. With the product list, downloadable songs, and printable items, this is "command central" for L2L members.

The Link-To-Learn "Dealer Branded" Music Centers

In addition to the main parent company,, a syndication service is offered to dealers, so that they seamlessly embed these resources into their website. We call this program our Link-to-Learn Music Center service. It's a place where customers can go after the sale to learn how to operate their instruments, play music, download songs, and more. The L2L Music Center becomes the dealer’s "support center" and keeps customers happy and satisfied. And it allows the dealer to continue the relationship with the customer after the purchase, plus creates additional revenue. The MMG business goal is to strategically place over 150 L2L Music Centers in the marketplace in the next 12 months.

L2L Access Cards

L2L is an online company with almost all virtual products. To help with the awareness of virtual environments, we produced a series of linking access cards. These access cards offer dealers a strong, "physical" tool that can be presented at the point of purchase. Each L2L access card contains a unique code that unlocks the selected L2L online. These pre-paid cards can be sold as a stand-alone support products, or included with the purchase, depending on the dealer’s added-value selling campaigns.


This exciting online channel will broadcast shows to a dealer’s website with a syndication platform similar to that of an online cable network. Customers will be able to "tune in" to a show to learn about their products, music education, music history, and other relevant topics. The purpose of L2L Live is structured around helping the dealer build their own private network of music enthusiasts.